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This site is for people suffering from symptoms indicative of Auto-Brewery Syndrome also know as Gut Fermentation. If you or a loved one is getting drunk without having ingested alcohol, there is hope for you here.

This blog is intended only to provide information and connections to resources. The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor or other primary healthcare provider. If you think you have a medical condition, you should seek treatment from a licensed healthcare provider.

There is no guarantee, either explicit or implicit, that information on this website is accurate, up-to-date, or backed by scientific research. I am not selling anything or trying to convince you to do, or not do anything. It is incumbent on you the reader to make your own decisions. Be healthy!

Barbara Cordell, Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC

I’m a board certified holistic nurse who became interested in Auto-Brewery when my best friend was suffering from intoxication without ingesting alcohol.

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  • Short method of diagnosis

    Many people have called and asked if there isn’t a shorter method of diagnosing Auto-Brewery Syndrome than a 24 hour hospitalization. So I’ve been searching and found an older article from 1990 by Hunnisett and Howard titled “Gut Fermentation (or the ‘Auto-Brewery’) Syndrome: A new Clinical test with initial observations and discussion of clinical and

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  • Treating Auto-Brewery Syndrome

    Once you have a diagnosis of ABS, the treatment may not be simple or straightforward. Your primary provider may decide to try anti-fungal medications but some patients respond to medication and other do not. Some patients take long courses or several courses of the medication before seeing results and there are side effect to most

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